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Multiple Calendar Support

Supports any valid iCalendar/ics calendar. Currently supported are Google Calendar, Apple iCloud Calendar and Microsoft

Runs From Battery

No Wiring required. Runs for week after week from battery. The e-Paper only consumes energy when the content changes.

Easy to Setup

The ESPaper Calendar is Easy to Setup. Just follow our Tutorial!

Easy to Install

The ESPaper device runs from battery and doesn't require any wiring. This means you can easly attach it to any wall.

Energy Efficient

The e-Ink display of the ESPaper only consumes energy when the content is updated. This allows the device to run many weeks from a single charge. A smart algorithm reduces the updates to a minimum.

Wide Application Range

Thanks to its simplicity the ESPaper Calendar device can be used in a wide range of applications. These included meeting rooms, shared workplaces, pickup boxes, pool devices such as laptops and phones, etc.

ThingPulse - The Team Behind The ESPaper

The ThingPulse team loves to help you with any question you have about the ESPaper.
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